Why R&T

Why Russakow & Tan.

Six things that set us apart from every other law firm out there.


Real-Life Courtroom Experience

Our attorneys do more than go to the office. Day after day, they go before judges and juries to advocate for clients like you. With decades of experience, we are masters of both legal theory and effective courtroom tactics.


Constant, Attentive Service

We know how stressful it can be when you’re going through the legal process, or if you’re sitting there feeling out of the loop. That’s why we’re committed to being totally responsive—keeping you informed and at ease at all times.


Strong Professional Relationships

Fighting and posturing look great in the movies. But they also take time, cost money and fray nerves.  Our good standing with the courts and other attorneys helps us reach better agreements and bring your case to a conclusion faster.


Outstanding Value

Many law firms aim for billable hours. We focus on viable cases, making careful, practical assessments that weigh both your goals and resources. As a result, we routinely turn down cases that make no economic sense.


A Friendly, Relaxed Approach

You’ll find that everyone at Russakow & Tan is friendly and accessible.  On the phone or in the office, we work hard to make you feel relaxed, welcome and appreciated, solving your legal challenges without scaring you into making decisions.


Foreseeable Results

No one can predict legal outcomes with 100% certainty. But through our extensive real-world experience, excellent track record and forthright approach, we are very good at forecasting outcomes at the start of your case. Because no one likes surprises.