HR Legal Advisor

HR Legal Advisor

A dedicated attorney for all your small business employment and HR legal needs.


Just one price for the entire year, so you can better plan your budget and stop worrying about watching the clock with traditional hourly billing.

Number of Employees

1 to 14 employees

15 to 24 employees

25 or more employees

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Annual Pricing




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Two payment options are provided for budgeting flexibility, while both require a one-year contract.

Scope of Services

  • Dedicated attorney for all your small business employment and HR legal needs
  • Any time you hire, we will classify as an employee or IC, exempt or non-exempt – and ensure temps and interns are handled properly
  • Any time you must fire or discipline, we’ll make sure it’s done to the letter of the law
  • When an employee goes on medical leave, disability, or maternity, we’ll tell you how to do it properly
  • If there is an employee complaint or a policy violation, we’ll help you manage the response, including running any investigation.
  • And if you are sued, we’ll hire and manage the law firm to defend your company.
  • For your peace of mind, we begin with an Assurance Session – a $500 value – with the CEO or designated representative to assess your legal risks and create an Action Plan to fix or prevent any issues identified.
*Excludes litigation, tax, and intellectual property law