House Counsel

House Counsel

The House Counsel program is ideal for business owners who recognize they have ongoing legal needs for their growing business and the importance of an attorney they can trust to go back to again and again.


Just one price for the entire year, so you can better plan your budget and stop worrying about watching the clock with traditional hourly billing.

Number of Employees

1 to 14 employees

15 to 24 employees

25 or more employees

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Annual Pricing




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Two payment options are provided for budgeting flexibility, while both require a one-year contract.

Scope of Services

  • Legal Advice for Your Business
  • Custom Contract Drafting and Review*
    • Business Letters and Contracts
      • Demand Letter
      • Purchase Agreement
      • Lease Agreement
      • Service Agreement
      • Website Development Agreement
      • Website Privacy Policy
      • Warranty Waiver
      • Liability Waiver
      • Partnership Agreement
      • Vendor/Supplier agreement
      • Non-Disclosure Agreement
      • Trade Secret Agreement
      • Cease and Desist Letter
    • Employment Contracts
      • Employment Agreement
      • Employment Policies
      • Independent Contractor Agreement
      • Consulting Agreement
*Custom contract drafting includes initial draft and one set of revisions; limited to one contract per month from specified set of legal documents
*Document review includes attorney review of documents under 30 pages and a consultation on suggested recommendations; does not include negotiations, additional letters and correspondences or further legal research. Attorney-prepared redlines, edits or revisions will be considered as custom contract drafting subject to scope and limit specified, or may be offered at separately quoted fees.
  • Corporate Governance
    • Preparation, support and minutes for the company’s Annual Meeting, Special and Information Meetings
    • Maintaining corporate records, facilitating election or removal of directors, updating bylaws and operating agreements
  • Annual Legal Audit
    • The House Counsel will review your company practices and systems to make sure they’re implemented in compliance with current laws. They’ll check whether you’re using the right contracts to protect your assets or confidential information. And they’ll walk you through specific recommendations to minimize your risks and fines.
Additional Services
For any other services your attorney will quote you a flat fee whenever possible or you will receive 25% off their standard hourly rate.