Direct Access

Direct Access

Receive an UNLIMITED number of consultations with your attorney at a low, fixed, monthly rate.


Just one price for the entire year, so you can better plan your budget and stop worrying about watching the clock with traditional hourly billing.

Number of Employees

1 to 14 employees

15 to 24 employees

25 or more employees

Monthly Pricing




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Annual Pricing




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Two payment options are provided for budgeting flexibility, while both require a one-year contract.

Scope of Services

  • Direct phone and email access
  • Free document reviews of up to 10 pages in length
  • Continuity with the same attorney
  • Each attorney is purposely limited to a small number of clients, so they are exceedingly responsive
  • Attorneys are intimately familiar with you and your business
  • No time limits on your consultations
  • A concierge legal service
*Excludes litigation, tax, and intellectual property law